Science Week


Science week at PISA was filled with slimy, gooey and explosive fun! It involved the whole school with the Primary school making fluffy slime, bubbling volcanoes and biodegradable plastic models. Some of our Secondary school students helped our youngest Scientists explore and investigate polymers and encouraged the primary students to think outside the square and have some fun showcasing their scientific knowledge. The students left the science laboratories loudly chanting “Science is the best” as they made their way to their classrooms. We are fortunate at PISA that we can offer our youngest students hands on science experiences and opportunities.

The Secondary School had lunchtime activities during the week. The fluffy slime was the most popular amongst out students and the laughter and mess that resulted supporting our hypothesis that slime is fun! The cosmetic Science session was also popular with all participants taking home a bath bomb to help them relax after a long day of learning. The biofuel rockets were interesting for all involved and demonstrated the scientific method well. We needed to reassess our hypothesis, alter the quantities and keep trying until we achieved ignition.

Throughout the week the many Secondary students participated in the Education Perfect Science World Series competition. This is an annual competition for students from all over the world. Some of our students worked consistently answering as many questions as they could. Our final results were:

  • 355th overall place globally out of 1426 schools participating
  • 8th overall place in the 51-100 student school category
  • 3rd overall place in Malaysia!

We had several students answering many questions to achieve awards in this competition. Their names and awards are:

  • Dhuveen Ganeson achieving a SILVER award!
  • Hammaad Idrishi achieving a BRONZE award!
  • Aditya Mookiah achieving a BRONZE award!
  • Jasiel Hor achieving a CREDIT award!

Roshinee Rao, Rahul Sekhon and Nimarta Bhasin worked hard all week answering many questions and need to be commended for their efforts too. Well done!

Science week was concluded with the House Activities. In their house teams, students were part of a production line making casein plastic to mould and shape into their house mascots. Everyone was amazed at the product they created from milk and some of the models created were very artistic!

Science week is a culmination of many weeks of work from our dedicated Science team at PISA. Planning and preparing all the activities takes time and our wonderful lab technician Mr Areif has worked tirelessly to ensure all the students at PISA had an enjoyable and memorable experience. I think he has kept some of the bath bombs for himself, he needed a rest by the end of the week. Thank you Mr Arief and the rest of our wonderful Science team Ms Nash and Mrs Vallance!

Janelle Dorian

Head of Science