Learn to Play & Play to Learn @ Peninsula International Pre-School

We at Peninsula International School Australia, Malaysia Campus have chosen to adopt the best of the best approach for our International Pre-School. Infusing established International pedagogies like Montessori, Waldorf & Regio Emilia into our Victorian Curriculum, we have created the “Learn to Play & Play to Learn” approach in our International Pre-school.

Playing freely stimulates the imagination, problem solving skills and creativity of children. Moreover, it helps them to further build upon their linguistic skills and will challenge their physical and emotional boundaries whenever they are at play. It is this potential which we wish to harness at Peninsula International Pre-School.


• Encourages Communication
• Develop Social Skills
• Improves Cognitive Development (Imagination and Creativity)

What are Unstructured and Structured Activities?

Unstructured Activities
• Self-motivated and spontaneous play
• Empowering children
• Usually associated with fun, pleasure, choice and freedom Examples would be hide and seek, splashing on puddles, climbing trees or rocks, imaginative play, lego building etc

Structured Activities
• Are organized and led by adults
• Occurs at set time and places
• Have set rules and boundaries with clear objectives
Examples would be playing sporting activities, board games, swimming lessons etc

Unstructured & Structured PLAY
Play is more than just having fun; it is the key to your child’s development.

Confidence & Coordination through PLAY
Empowering your child into making choices is a critical part of learning and play improves eye, body and mind coordination. These are the building blocks needed for a proper foundation for structured learning in school in the later years.

Imagination & Creativity through PLAY
Our thematic based curriculum will lead to small projects every end of Term, illustrating the imagination and creativity of our children.

Art of Storytelling through PLAY
A critical component of our curriculum is our “Show & Tell” activity, complimented by our art of storytelling through Art & Craft, Song & Dance and through our Puppet Show sessions.

It’s so much more than just Reading
A critical component of our curriculum is our Reading module implemented in our reading clubs, book character sessions as well as our themed months. The focal point of this is the relationship and connection created with children through this activity which is why it is also a compulsory feature for our parents.

Main Themes & Outcomes

Understanding how children learn

Nursery (4 years old class)

• Activity Based Learning – discovering the world around you
• A project per Term
• Basic Life Skills

• Discovering the way you learn

The desired outcomes are facilitated by the activity walls in our play rooms and play ground area. Our classrooms are also zoned into 4 main areas i.e. visual learner corners, auditory learner corners, tactile learner corners and kinesthetic learner corners.

Pre-School (5 years old)
• Project Based Learning – where learning is through activities
• A project per Term
• Personalised Learning Experiences

• Languages, Numeracy & Knowledge and Understanding of the World
• Knowledge of learning styles
• Reading, Writing and Social Skills



Application Fee RM300 (Non refundable)
Registration Fee RM1,000 (Non refundable)
Founding Tuition Fee RM16,700 (Inclusive of meals)
Published Tuition Fee RM24,000
Deposit: 1 Term Tuition Fee RM4,175
Payment structure by 4 terms RM4,175 x 4 terms
Payment in full (full tuition fee per year) Rebate RM500 (Pay RM16,200)
Resource Fee RM1,200 per year

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