Junior School Reading Assessment Information

Have you ever wondered how teachers decide what reading age and level your child is?

Do you question how accurate this information is?

Are you confused as to why your child seems, to you, to be reading at a higher level than what the teacher has reported?

Parents are often confused about how reading is assessed and indeed, there even seems inconsistencies between schools and curriculums. This workshop will give you an opportunity to understand what a robust reading assessment looks like, how it is conducted and then marked and reported to parents.

There is so much more to a reading assessment than just how the child reads aloud or how complicated their book appears to be. This short workshop will give you a clear insight into how we assess reading at PISA and what is important to understand about this process. By learning this, it is much easier to also then understand how to help your child at home.

Please join our Junior School Principal for a one hour workshop on reading assessment at PISA and remember you can bring a friend. We look forward to seeing you there.

Friday 19th October 2018
9:00-10:00am – Junior School Library (Please register at reception first)
RSVP: veronica.sandanadass@peninsula.edu.my
or phone our school reception on 5033 8000