Our digital learning community aims to provide ever-present computing and network access for our students on a common learning platform, while further developing our educational practices to increase collaboration, enable flexible progression and differentiated instruction, and more actively reflect a real-world learning environment

Peninsula teachers have recognised advanced skills in technology integration in the classroom and will work closely with students to promote responsible digital citizenship and use of technology. This is guided by clearly articulated expectations, and also the shared recognition that students must make wise decisions about their own behaviour through a sense of good citizenship and responsibility to the Peninsula community.

At Peninsula, we realise that purchasing a laptop is an expensive but necessary item for the students. We have linked up with Mac Direction, a supplier of Apple Laptops that conform to the school’s requirements for a reduced purchase rate for our students only. Please click here and browse the special offers on offer for Peninsula’s students who are considering the option of purchasing an Apple Laptop.

*Students from Year 7 onwards will be required to bring in their own laptop as part of integration of technology into the curriculum. Details of the computer requirements will be available from the Information Technology Department and shared with students and parents.

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