School Cafeteria

Lunch is divided into two sittings – Junior and Middle/Senior, so students are given enough space and time to enjoy their tasty meal. Students may purchase lunch from our Cafeteria or bring their own lunch if they wish. If bringing food to the school, please adhere to the school’s Peanut-safe Policy, as we do at our Cafeteria. In addition to full cafeteria service for students and staff, we offer fresh foods and take-out meals to the Peninsula community.

We use a cashless service to take payments for meal service. Once you have set up a Cashless Dining account, your child need only key in their ID number to make a purchase. The system makes payments as easy as possible, allowing parents to view, pay and top up directly online. Account top-ups may also be made by cash using the kiosk in the Cafeteria. You can also set a daily spend limit on your child’s account as well as notify us about allergy restrictions and other important dietary information, which will be uploaded to our checkout service.

Lunch sets are nutritionally balanced and right-sized for children from all sections of the school. Prices for the Junior, Middle and Senior School lunch sets will be displayed on the website.

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