Every year, more Malaysians choose Australia compared to other countries to further their studies. You can prepare your child future from now.

Peninsula International School Australia is set to open in Malaysia in January 2018, offering Australia's Victorian Curriculum based Primary and Secondary education for students from Year 1 (Age 7) to Year 12 (Age 18).

Our curriculum is delivered through partnerships with the prestigious Peninsula Grammar of Mt Eliza, Victoria, Australia. Peninsula Grammar provides academic support, course structure and support materials, along with training and mentoring programs for teachers while we adheres to the highest standards of education associated with Peninsula Grammar's long tradition of academic excellence.

Peninsula International School Australia will allow students in Malaysia to study for an internationally recognised qualification without having to leave their home. Our students can develop a high level of fluency in English and a strong understanding of the western education system. This ensures that they are well prepared for study at western universities in the future.

At Peninsula International School Australia, your child will have the opportunity to learn and experience the skills required for a successful journey in life.

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